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Palworld Plantation Farming Guide

How To Farm Plantations


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Farming in Palworld

In Palworld, survival is crucial, and farming is a key strategy for thriving in the game. The unique farming mechanic sets Palworld apart from other titles, featuring distinct steps that players must discover and follow to succeed.

This guide provides insights into the requirements and procedures for effective farming in Palworld.

Palworld's farming involves the regular production of food for players and their pals through the combination of appropriate seeds and proper plantation techniques.

To start farming in the game, you should first acquire seeds or crop starters, which can be found in chests or obtained from enemies during exploration.


Berry Seeds: Drops from Gumoss and Lifmunk or looted from the Overworld.

Wheat Seeds: Drops from Flopie and Dinossom or bought from a Merchant at the Small Settlement.

Tomato Seeds: Drops from Broncherry, Dinossom Lux, Mossanda, Vaelet, and Wumpo Botan.

Lettuce Seeds: Drops from Bristla, Broncherry Aqua, Cinnamoth, and Wumpo Botan.

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It's important to note that each type of plant can only be cultivated on its designated plantation. For instance, Berry Seeds can only be planted on a Berry Plantation. The building requirements for each plantation are provided in the following section.

Berry Plantation

The Berry Plantation in Palworld is unlocked at Technology Level 5 and costs 3 Berry Seeds, 20 Wood, and 20 Stone to build. You can easily find Berry Seeds by harvesting from the many clusters of Berry Bushes around Palworld.

You have to construct this to progress in one of the Base Missions. If you're having a hard time, it might be because you haven't unlocked it. Consider leveling up more, and capturing Pals is a great way to do that!

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Wheat Plantation

The Lettuce Plantation is unlocked at Technology Level 15.

It requires 3x Wheat Seeds, 35x Wood, and 35x Stone to build.

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Tomato Plantation

The Lettuce Plantation is unlocked at Technology Level 32.

It requires 3x Tomato Seeds, 70x Wood, 50x Stone, and 5x Pal Fluids to build.

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Lettuce Plantation

The Lettuce Plantation is unlocked at Technology Level 38.

It requires 3x Lettuce Seeds, 100x Wood, 70x Stone, and 10x Pal Fluids to build.

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In Palworld, farming relies on essential Pal traits such as Planting, Watering, and Gathering. Initially, players obtain Pals with Level 1 versions of these traits in the early stages. As the game progresses, more Pals with higher trait levels become accessible, improving the efficiency of your base's farming.

To ensure a continuous supply of Pal Spheres for capturing essential Pals, it's crucial to accumulate Paldium Fragments. This ensures that your base's farming operation can be automated effectively.

Planting Pals

Watering Pals

Gathering Pals

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