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How to catch Pals - Palworld

You can't acquire them all if you don't first know how to catch Pals in Palworld.

Capturing Pals in Palworld provides players with numerous advantages in both combat and handling everyday tasks within their base. Each Pal possesses unique traits and aptitudes for specific tasks, making them a varied group of creatures capable of influencing your approach to the game.

What should you start with? Create a Pal Sphere

Before catching a Pal, you need to create a Pal Sphere. To craft this, you should have it unlocked under the technology tab and have enough resources to be able to craft it.

A Pal Sphere can be crafted by using 1 Paldium Fragment, 5x Wood, and 5x Stone. Pal Sphere's are craftable in a Workbench.

You can also find Pal Spheres lying on the ground.

What should you start with? Create a Pal Sphere

Find a Pal you would like to catch:

After crafting your Pal Sphere, you will have to find the Pal you want to catch. Somtimes, the Pal you want is near you, but sometimes they're a little bit farther.

To check the Pal spawn locations, click here: Map Overview

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Find a Pal you would like to catch:

Weaken the Pal until its health is low:

Avoid using your fists in Pal battles to save stamina and prevent injuries. Instead, use a tool like a wooden club.

Don't fully defeat the Pal; weaken it so you can capture it with a Pal Sphere. Sneaking up or setting traps also boost your chances.

Weaken the Pal until its health is low:

Check your capture chance:

Check your capture chance by holding Q or Right Bumper while holding the Pal Sphere. Aim at the Pal to see the percentage chance of a successful catch.

Higher percentages increase your chances, but there's always a possibility of failure, except at 100%. Even with a 1 percent chance, you might still succeed.

Check your capture chance:

Start catching your Pal:

If you have followed previous steps, you should be able to tame your first Pal by throwing Pal spheres on your Pal!

Your Pals can be released from the sphere by pressing E.

You can only carry up to 5 Pals at a time. If you capture more, they will be automatically sent to the Palbox. You can retrieve them by building a Palbox if you don’t have one.

Start catching your Pal:

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