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Pal Stat Mechanics: IVs and Level-Up Stats Explained

In Palworld, there are hidden stats called "IVs." It stands for "Individual Values." They are only applicable to health, attack, and defense. So there is one IV for health, one for attack, and one for defense. Each can be between 0% - 30% bonus. Your Pals get them right after you catch them, and those hidden IVs will never change. So you can get a broken Pal with a 30% bonus or a bad one with 0%; that is the minimum; there are no negative IVs. With our calculator you can calculate those hidden IVs and possible Pal stats (scroll down for the overview tables). Your Pal's stats are affected by the level, the amount of stars, passive skills (the selection only contains skills, that actually affect the stats), partner skills and souls. First, select all those values to calculate the possible best, worst, or average stats of a Pal. Then, if you want to see the hidden IV stats of one of your pals, just enter your in-game stats of your Pal for HP, attack, and defense. Finally, scroll down and check out the IV percentages. Some posts refer to HP with 50% but the game actually calculates with hidden numbers (integers) between 0 and 100, that are shown as % to simplify the presentation. Scroll down for more information about the talent numbers.

This tool automates all calculations, including all relevant stats.

Stat TypeHP Gain per Level UpAttack Gain per Level UpDefense Gain per Level Up
Minimum (0% Bonus)57.507.507.50
Average (15% Bonus)65.388.638.63
Maximum (30% Bonus)73.259.759.75

Stat TypeHPAttackDefense
Minimum (0% Bonus)1075.00175.00125.00
Average (15% Bonus)1153.00186.00136.00
Maximum (30% Bonus)1232.00197.00147.00

IVs Calculated

Stat (Random Bonus, Pals Get After Catch)Your Pals IV (Accuracy increases with level of Pal)
HP IV~14.81% - 15% (HP Talent #'s: 49.37)
Attack IV~14.32% - 15.68% (Attack Talent #'s: 47.73)
Defense IV~14.32% - 15.68% (Defense Talent #'s: 47.73)

Understanding Pal Statistics: A Guide to Individual Values (IVs) and Level-Up Statistics

Dive into the world of Pal stats, where we explain how Pals gain stats as they level up, what Individual Values (IVs) are, and how to calculate total stats and IVs. Our guide and the accompanying spreadsheet make these calculations easy.

Starting Stats and Level-Up Gains:

Every Pal starts with the same base stats at level 0 (HP: 500, Attack: 100, Defense: 50). As they level up, they gain additional stats based on two factors: species-specific scaling values and individual IVs. Plus, they gain an extra 5 HP per level.

Species-Specific Scaling:

Each species of Pal has different HP, Attack, and Defense scaling values. For example, a Jetragon gains a minimum of 55 HP, 10.5 Attack, and 8.25 Defense each level. Alpha/Boss Pals may have different scaling values, which will be updated in our spreadsheet.

Individual Values (IVs):

IVs are random scaling factors unique to each Pal. They can range from 0% to 30%, affecting how much a Pal's stats increase beyond the base level-up gains. For instance, a Pal with a 15% bonus to all stats could see significant growth in their capabilities.

Calculating Stats and IVs:

We provide formulas to calculate the exact stats or reverse-engineer the IVs from known stats. The formulas take into account bonuses from passive skills, partner skills, soul statue upgrades, and condenser levels. Note that the game rounds down stats at two points during calculation, affecting the accuracy of IV calculations at low levels.

Credits and Inspiration

This tool and guide are based on the insightful research byu/blahable on Reddit. Their in-depth analysis of Pal stat mechanics has been invaluable in the creation of this tool. Check out their original post for more detailed insights.

Understanding Talent Numbers in Palworld

Talent Numbers are a hidden integer between 0 and 100, determining the Individual Value (IV) bonuses for your Pals. This number represents the percentage of the maximum IV bonus, which is 30%. For example, a Talent Number of 0 equals a 0% IV bonus, 100 equals a 30% IV bonus, and 50 equals a 15% IV bonus. Convert between Talent Numbers and IV percentages using the formulas below:

Talent to Percentage Bonus:

HP_IV% = HP_TalentInt * 0.3 / 100

Attack_IV% = Attack_TalentInt * 0.3 / 100

Defense_IV% = Defense_TalentInt * 0.3 / 100

Percentage Bonus to Talent Integer:

HP_TalentInt = HP_IV% / 0.3 * 100

Attack_TalentInt = Attack_IV% / 0.3 * 100

Defense_TalentInt = Defense_IV% / 0.3 * 100

When working with a Talent integer, convert it to a percentage bonus using these formulas before applying it to the total stat calculations.